President’s Welcome

dave jaeger
Dave Jaeger, President, Inland Bays Foundation

Message from the New President

Last November former DNREC secretary, Collin O’Mara, spoke at our annual Inland Bays dinner, and his message was very clear.  Our individual environmental groups will never be able to accomplish great things unless we work together.  That sounds reasonable, except when we try to do this, we often get into disagreements that keep us from reaching that goal.  To me the goal is cleaning up the waters of the Inland Bays.  We can easily get distracted by how we reach that point, but we must not give up and go to our “mutual corners”.  For the time I am your president I will be working to partner with anyone and any organization that seeks to improve the condition of our bays.  You can reach me at


President, Inland Bays Foundation