Listen to the Replay of Professor Kristl’s Forum on Zoning and Planning; Download Zoning and Planning Chapter and Update

Professor Ken Kristl, director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic at Widener University Delaware Law School, provided a “roadmap” for understanding Zoning and Planning in Delaware at his presentation in mid-June sponsored by  IBF’s Austin Moyer Chin Citizens Advocacy Program. 

In a lively interactive session, Professor Kristl and the audience discussed current development issues in Sussex County and tactics for citizens to effectively present their concerns.  He said, “Rule #1 is to pick the right map” as environmental issues get dealt with In different ways at different governmental levels.

LISTEN to Professor Kristl’s talk

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Download A Citizens Guide to Environmental Advocacy in Delaware Chapter 5, ZONING AND LAND DEVELOPMENT: OVERVIEW OF THE PROCESS

Download New Section added to Chapter 5 June 2022, ZONING/LAND DEVELOPMENT DECISION APPEALS