DENRC algae harvester hard at work in the Brandywine Canal in South Bethany

“Scientific” oriented discussion on Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

From: Tony Caputo Water quality in the Inland Bays (IB) has dramatically deteriorated over recent years as development and other … Read more

Official Announcement from IBF President, Doug Parham.

“The Inland Bays Foundation was deeply disappointed to be notified by the Delaware Superior Court they have rejected our appeal … Read more

Nutrient Management Goals

A special report from the Inland Bays Foundation:

Analysis of Delaware Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution 2014 Annual Report prepared by DNREC- (analysis performed by Doug Parham, President, Inland bays Foundation … Read more

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Is Delaware On Track?

Most experts consider the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint the Chesapeake Bay’s best, and perhaps last, chance for real restoration. What … Read more

Delaware’s Inland Bays Watershed- Courtesy University of Delaware Watersheds of the Inland Bays Assawoman | Buntings Branch | Indian River | Indian River Bay | Iron Branch | Lewes-Rehoboth Canal | Little Assawoman | Rehoboth Bay Map The Inland Bay waters … Read more


UD Citizen Monitoring Program Reports for 2015 covering April and May

Here is the first set of UD Citizen Monitoring Program Reports for 2015 covering April and May. Subsequent reports will … Read more

Clean water

During 2015 the Foundation is examining three very important initiatives:

(1) Oversight of the Toxic Coal Ash Pile that has been established on the Burton’s Island site immediately adjacent to … Read more

2015 – Will Progress be made in the cleaning of the Delaware Inland Bays waters?

The Delaware Inland Bays Watershed is comprised of Rehoboth, Indian River and Little Assawoman Bays. It is a part of … Read more